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BoostStar is a team of Shopify developers especially focused on Speed Optimization & Performance.

Are you losing your sales because of slow website speed?

Contact us, We will help you to optimize your website for better faster loading speed and make your website run like a Rocket, which can help you to convert more sales.Ethical Speed optimization on an affordable price with guaranteed improvement without breaking any functionality or website layout.

  • How BoostStar optimize the performance?

    We Look into the following opportunities and tackle the problem in a well-defined way.

    1. Full speed optimization Audit.
    2. Check and fix all halting Java scripts.
    3. Check and remove app's unneccessory code.
    4. Optimize all website assets (images, CSS, JS, etc.)
    5. Image optimization & compression.
    6. Optimize the video and gif.
    7. Apply Lazy loading per section wherever required.
    8. Check and defer scripts.
    9. Improve liquid rendering time.
    10. Improve Largest Contentful Paint as per Gtmetrix.
    11. Improve Cumulative Layout Shift as per Gtmetrix.
    12. Improve TBT - Total blocking time as per GTmetrix.
    13. Improve FID - First Input delay.
    14. Pre Load critical assets.
    15. Handle third-party script [ app ].
    16. Font loading.
    17. Compress js and CSS files.
    18. Apply CDN where required.
    19. Lazyload images and iframes.
    20. Remove unused JavaScript from the theme.
    21. Preload assets where required.
    22. Improve overall page loading time.
    23. Implement AMP pages if required.
    24. Improver overall core web vitals score based on lighthouse policy.

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Our Works

With our hard work, dedication, & expertise, we have been optimized the speed according to Google Page Speed Insights, Shopify Online Speed & Gtmetrix

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    Shopify Online Speed
  • booststar results
    Page Speed Insights
  • booststar results
  • Why site speed is so important?

    If your site takes too long to load, most people are gone. Not only that, Google’s best practice says your site should load in less than 3 seconds. If it takes more than 3 seconds, then your bounce rate will be high.That means that your site’s speed affects SEO, so if your site is slow, visitors will become impatient, and your site will lose ranking in search engines.

    • 4,000+

      Stores we have optimized.

    • 1000+

      Meetings Conducted.

    • $0.8

      Million Revenue generated

    • 80+

      Team Members

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We’re a collective of Shopify Experts focused on making your store faster and more profitable.

Our developers have a range of expertise 5+ years of experience working with Shopify stores. We optimize websites, and do theme customizations. We contribute to the Shopify community in the forums and our blog.

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What our client say about us.

With our hard work, dedication, & expertise, we have been optimized the speed with a positive note. Let’s see what our clients have to say about us.

  • Quick and easy to do. Will need to wait about 10 days or so to see actual results, but really looking forward to it. They also offer a monthly maintenance service as well, which I will be utilizing.
    By - Simply Crafty
  • Highly recommend using BoostStar for all requests! Ask them about their other services because they can help with improving your website speed, SEO, and more!! .
    By - MFIL Medical
  • I hired BoostStar to improve my speed and I was impressed by the huge improvement.(I verified myself by saving GT Metrix and Google Speed test reports of Before to compare with after.)
    By - Frump Fighters
  • To be honest, it was even better than I thought would have been. I had high expectations, and I honestly thought they would not be able to improve the performance as much as I wanted, but they did! Incredible!
    By - BuildaMOC Ral
  • My store needed site performance and speed improvement. I really appreciate the professionalism and support they provide. BoostStar is great to work with. This is my second project going forward and I am very satisfied with their services.
    By - Sister Anns Gifts
  • Very pleased with the work done on my website. Sales were declining due to speed issues which can effect google ads and the patience of customers. They fixed the site and optimized it many different ways beyond my expectations so it was worth it.
    By - Castle Flexx Era


Cheapest price promise in the market with quick and great results.

  • Moon

    For Shopify Themes
    • For Shopify Themes
    • Mobile Performance Score 70+ on all pages
    • Focus on core web vitals
    • 20 days maintenance
    • Work based on Google poicies
    • up to 3 seconds load time
    • 24/7 Customer Support
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  • Planet

    For 3rd Party Themes
    • For 3rd Party Themes
    • Mobile performance score 70+ on all pages
    • Focus on core web vitals
    • 20 Days maintenance
    • Work based on Google poicies
    • up to 3 seconds load time
    • 24/7 Customer Support
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Faster websites make more money by improving your key metrics. We’re a team of certified Shopify Experts that will analyze and optimize your site to make it lighter and faster.

Think Shopify Speed Optimization, Think BoostStar!